We offer a wide selection of hidden cameras built in to everyday objects that are perfect for home, business, or even law enforcement use.
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Hidden Cameras

Cameras can be hidden in almost any ordinary looking object. We offer a wide selection of hidden cameras, with cameras hidden inside smoke detectors, wall chargers, clocks, and even teddy bears. Our extensive line of hidden cameras means you’ll be able to find a camera that fits almost any room - a living room, bedroom, office, yard, or even a car. No matter what your covert surveillance needs are, we have got the perfect camera for the job.

Hidden Cameras
Battery Powered HD Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera Pinhole Camera Lens


When you're looking for a covert camera to monitor your home or office, the Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera is just the device for the job. This battery powered hidden camera can provide up to 90 days of standby battery life. Video is motion-activated...

$629.00 $499.00
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